Seamless Dentures in Sun City, AZ

At Smile Sun City, we are devoted to helping patients get their oral function, beauty, and confidence back. We offer a wide range of top-quality restorative solutions, such as dentures in Sun City, AZ. A denture is a versatile solution that can replace one or more teeth in a single treatment. We apply and perfect dentures using the latest technology, ensuring that your solution fits your mouth and gives you back your ability to chew, speak, and smile effectively. Our team will develop a customized solution to replace missing teeth and make you proud to smile again.
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Our Denture Selection

Our specialists fabricate dentures to match the precise shape, color, and texture of natural teeth. Our innovative color-match technology and sculpting produce dentures that blend seamlessly with your intact teeth and fit comfortably. Please schedule a consultation with us and discover which type of denture is right for you. Our options for a new smile include the following:

  • Complete Dentures – Complete dentures cover the entirety or most of the mouth. We usually recommend them for patients with total or near-total tooth loss.
  • Removable Partial Dentures – Removable partial dentures fill tooth gaps along a single arch by being attached to a healthy, intact tooth. They can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fixed Partial Dentures – Fixed partial dentures are best suited for patients with multiple gaps close to each other. This denture comprises an abutment that is secured to the targeted area. Then, we formulate a dental appliance that matches your natural teeth. We then attach it to the abutment.
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Family Dental Practice

Smile Sun City has garnered a sterling reputation for providing exceptional care and dental services for adults, children, and seniors. We combine our passion for helping others, years of experience, and the latest dental technology to provide unmatched solutions for every patient. If you need a denture, we will carefully formulate it to replace your missing teeth and fit comfortably within your mouth. You and your loved ones can rely on us to provide the best dental care services, technology, and solutions.
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Making Smiles Full and Beautiful

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