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Sedation Dentistry in Sun City, AZ

Though visiting the dentist regularly is good for your oral health and smile, it may be challenging for you to do. Many patients feel tense and nervous before going in for dental treatment. If you are one of these patients, Smile Sun City will put your mind at ease with sedation dentistry in Sun City, AZ. Using No2 and oral sedation methods, our specialists relax patients who experience anxiety at any level. No2 and oral sedation are safe and approved for use. We administer sedation to our patients daily and educate them on our methods if they have questions or concerns. We make patients feel their best.
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About NO2 and Oral Sedation Options

Even patients who go to the dentist often and are used to it can feel nervous before going in. Their nervousness commonly revolves around the discomfort they anticipate feeling. Sedation is a terrific way to settle yourself and relax, so you can enter and leave our office calmly. No2 and oral sedation will provide peace for your mind and body.

  • NO2 – You probably know Nitrous Oxide (NO2) as "laughing gas." NO2 is a sedation method comprising a mask fit over the mouth and nose. The "gas" is inhaled and puts patients in relaxed, meditative states. NO2 is referred to as "laughing gas" because patients report feeling optimistic and giddy after inhaling it.
  • Oral Sedation – If you are going in for a more complex or significant procedure, oral sedation is probably the right choice for you. Patients take an oral sedative in pill form before their procedure. When it sets in, patients are lulled into a deep state of relaxation.
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What to Know About Oral Sedation

Oral sedatives encourage patients and make them feel confident in their treatments and procedures, even if they aren't initially looking forward to them. However, you should consider a few things before choosing oral sedation. First, oral sedatives can take hours to wear off, so you must have someone to drive you after your procedure. Further, we recommend oral sedatives for patients who will experience or undergo the following:

  • Major Procedures – Oral sedatives help calm anxiety and ease pain before, during, and after complex treatments.
  • Fear and Anxiety – Do you fear the dentist's office? Oral sedatives will put your mind at ease and relieve minor and chronic dental office anxiety.
  • Fragile or Sensitive Teeth – If your teeth feel pain or discomfort easily, oral sedatives can alleviate and numb your sensitive areas.
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